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Dimapur, Khonoma, Kohima, Mokukchung, Mon, Dibrugarh, Pasighat, Along, Daporijo, Ziro, Majuli, Kaziranga, Guwahati

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Day - 1 : Dimapur to Khonoma - Distance : 90 kms, Time : 3 hours

Received at Dimapur Airport/ Railway Station & drive to Khonoma Village. O/n Homestay in Khonoma Village.

Day - 2 : Khonoma

The picturesque village of Khonoma lays 20kms away from the capital city of Kohima. What greets the eye is the natural setting of the village that is simply amazing with golden terraced fields encrusted by verdant hill slopes. But it is the thick forest, teaming with birds for which Khonoma has a unique position in Nagaland. It holds the distinction of being the only village in Nagaland where logging and hunting are banned. Spend the full day walking around this beautiful village, interacting with the locals to acquaint ourselves with the history and culture of the Angami tribe. Along the way spend time with some master basket and shawl weavers, admiring their skillful work. O/n at homestays in Khonoma

Day - 3 : Khonoma to Kohima - Distance: 30 kms, Time: 1.5 hours

If you wish you can spend the morning half in Khonoma , or after breakfast drive to Kohima. Visit the state museum which would be a great place to learn about the culture of the 16 Naga tribes. If time permits visit the Kohima market , one of the most interesting one of its kind in the North East . O/n at a hotel in Kohima.

Day - 4 : Kohima to Mokukchung - Distance: 160 kms, Time: 6 hours

After breakfast visit the War Cemetery from where you will proceed to Mokukchung. On the way you will visit Longsa village to interact and understand the Sema tribe. O/n at hotel in Mokukchung.

Day - 5 : Mokukchung

Mokukchung is the capital of Ao Nagas. Visit the villages of Mopungchuket, Impur and Ungma to understand culture of Ao nagas and enjoy scenic beauty. O/n at hotel in Mokukchung.

Day - 6 : Mokukchung to Mon - Distance: 170 kms, Time: 7 hours

After breakfast drive to Mon. Start early for a long drive over rough roads to Mon. O/n at hotels in Mon.

Day - 7 : Mon

Mon is the capital of the Konyak tribes who were feared headhunters and culturally the most interesting Naga tribe . The Konyaks celebrate the Aoling festival for 4 days in March - April ( this year it would be celebrated from 1st to 4th April). It is a spring festival which also marks their New Year. Visit the festival to see colorful Konyak tribes dancing and singing their traditional dances and songs. O/n at a hotel in Mon

Day - 8 : Mon

Today you will visit another village in Mon to celebrate the Aoling festival and get to be a part of this grand festival. O/n at a hotel in Mon.

Day - 9 : Mon to Dibrugarh - Distance: 180 kms, Time: 8 hours

Drive to Dibrugarh the Tea town of India. O/n at a hotel in Dibrugarh.

Day - 10 : Dibrugarh to Pasighat - Distance: 100 kms, Time: 5 hours

The drive to Pasighat would involve crossing the Brahmaputra over ferry, a scenic ride of over two hours. After crossing the Brahmaputra drive for 3 hours to reach Pasighat. O/n at a hotel in Pasighat.

Day - 11 : Pasighat

The Pasighat area has many interesting villages inhabited by the Adi and Idu Mishmi tribe, some of which you will be visiting. O/n at a hotel in Pasighat.

Day - 12 : Pasighat to Along - Distance: 110 kms, Time: 6 hours

After breakfast drive to Along. This is one of the most scenic drives on the journey involving the crossing of a fifteen hundred foot long cane suspension bridge at Pangin. O/n at a hotel in Along.

Day - 13 : Along

This area is home to the Adi Galong tribe and a very scenic area. You will visit some of the villages set in splendorous landscape. O/n at a hotel in Along.

Day - 14 : Along to Daporijo - Distance: 160 kms, Time: 8 hours

Continue the drive on to Daporijo . O/n at a hotel in Daporijo.

Day - 15 : Daporijo to Ziro - Distance: 170 kms, Time: 7 hours

After breakfast drive to Ziro the land of the Apa Tani tribe. The Apa Tanis are famed farmers, originators of a distinctive system of mixed paddy and fish cultivation. This plateau is one of the most scenic places in Arunachal. O/n at a hotel in Ziro.

Day - 16 : Ziro

Drive through paddy fields to visit Apatani villages set amongst picture perfect landscapes. O/n at a hotel in Ziro.

Day - 17 : Ziro to Majuli - Distance: 185 kms, Time: 8 hours

Start early in the morning for your drive back into Assam. You will break your journey at Majuli Island one of the larges river islands in the world. Majuli, one of the largest river island in the world is a storehouse of art and culture. The name is a conjunction of Ma which denotes Laxmi (the godess of prosperity) and Juli meaning granary. The island has been the hub of Neo-Vaishnavite culture since the 15th century, having been initiated by the revered Assamese saint Sankardeva. This new creed of faith started by Srimanta Sankardeva preached devotion to a single God, Lord Krishna or Vishnu, (Eka Sarana). The hallmark of the Neo-Vaishnavite movement is reflected in two distinctively unique institutions, viz., the Satra and the Nāmghar, both of which are intimately associated with the social, cultural as well as religious life of the Assamese society. O/n in Majuli.

Day - 18 : Majuli to Kaziranga - Time: 4 hours

In the morning visit some of the Satras to understand the Vaishnavite way of life. From here proceed to the mask making village where they make masks for various cultural dances. Take the afternoon ferry from Majuli and drive to Kaziranga. O/n at Kaziranga.

Day - 19 : Kaziranga

Wake up really early in the morning for an exciting safari on elephant back, which would get you really up close to the Rhinos. After breakfast leave for a jeep safari to the Central Range of the park. In the afternoon head out for a second jeep safari in the Western range where you will see Hog Deers, Sambhars and Rhinos feeding in the plentiful. O/n at Kaziranga.

Day - 20 : Kaziranga to Guwahati - Distance: 225 kms, Time: 4.5 hours

After breakfast drop to Guwahati Airport . Tour Ends.

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